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  • Western Wall compromise reached

    Israel’s Conservative movement reached a compromise with the government over freedom of men and women to worship together at an area of the Western Wall.

  • Hezbollah demands confiscated guns

    Hezbollah demanded the return of a truckload of guns confiscated by Lebanese customs agents.

  • Money, not Muslims, concerns Uzbek Jews

    Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley is considered a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism, but a local Jewish leader says the main issue — for Jews and non-Jews alike — is the poor economy.

  • Uzbek Jews chronicle a rich past

    Vladimir Solomonovich Polykovsky is the editor in chief of the Concise Uzbekistan Jewish Encyclopedia. And don’t let the title fool you: When it’s finished, the edition is expected to fill eight volumes.

  • Olmert visit to Russia highlights Iran differences

    Russia and Israel may be on better footing than in decades past, but differences over Iran’s nuclear program still surfaced during Ehud Olmert’s visit to Moscow.

  • Ethnic profiling in Russia upsets Jews

    When hundreds rallied in Moscow to protest the Russian crackdown on Georgians, many of the protesters had yellow stars pinned to their chests.

  • During diplomatic dispute, Georgian Jews suffer

    Thousands of Georgian-born Jews who immigrated to Russia are suffering from the current diplomatic crisis between Russia and their home country.

  • Fighting religion in Russian schools

    The introduction of obligatory public-school courses on Russian Orthodox culture is causing alarm in Russia’s Jewish community.

  • The musical origins of the Katyusha rocket

    The Katyusha rockets that are raining down on Israel are named after a love song written by a Russian Jewish composer.

  • Democracy, Jewish issues still linked in Russia?

    Russian Jewish leaders disagree about whether the community still benefits when attention is called to the country’s human-rights deficiencies.