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  • In Watertown, Mass., prepping for Sabbath during a lockdown

    For one Jewish family in the Boston “war zone,” Shabbat preparations followed a night of gunfire and explosions.

  • Philadelphia Exponent named best weekly paper in Pa.

    Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent has been named the best overall weekly newspaper in the state of Pennsylvania and in the Philadelphia region by professional organizations.

  • Midler, Seinfeld, Biden headline Jewish museum opening

    Vice President Joe Biden, Jerry Seinfeld and Bette Midler headlined a festive opening weekend for the new National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

  • Pa. university pressured to repudiate anti-Israel professor

    Pressure is mounting on a state-funded university in Pennsylvania to repudiate the views of a professor who has called for the destruction of Israel and promoted denial of the Holocaust.

  • Agreement reached to end faculty strike at day school

    A faculty strike at a Jewish day school in suburban Philadelphia appears to be over.

  • Faculty strikes at Philadelphia-area day school

    Faculty at a Philadelphia-area Jewish day school took to the picket line, carrying out their threat to strike.

  • Marking a rabbi’s death in Tunis

    Jerry Sorkin, a Philadelphia-area businessman who promotes travel to Tunisia and has strong Jewish ties there, has filed a report of an unusual and colorful gathering of Tunisian Jews paying homage to a revered scholar who, according to legend, drank himself to death after his wife burned all of his collected works. Here’s the gist…

  • Jews mark legendary Tunisian rabbi’s death

    Hundreds gathered at the Jewish cemetery in Tunis to pay homage to a revered scholar who, according to legend, drank himself to death after his wife burned all of his collected work.

  • Another Indian hero emerges from Mumbai

    While the story of Sandra Samuels, the nanny who managed to escape with the 2-year-old son of the Chabad couple murdered in Mumbai, has made international headlines, the story of  Zakir Hussain, who shared her 13-hour ordeal standing between two refrigerators while intermittent firing continued, is little known, The Indian Express reports. Meanwhile, an American…

  • On hold with the terrorists in Mumbai

    A N.Y. professor who grew up in India found himself in the surreal position of talking by phone to the terrorists holed up at the Chabad House in Mumbai.  He recounts the details in a Forward essay. He had heard about the attacks and: Then my nephew called. He told me that the Chabad-Lubavitch movement…