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  • Jewish program helps Georgia’s refugees

    A Jewish-run job-placement program for internal refugees in the Republic of Georgia has proven so successful that it is being expanded to include Jews.

  • Hamas holding fire?

    Hamas appeared to have suspended its rocket fire.

  • Still dissenting in Moscow

    Political opponents of Vladimir Putin – many of them Jewish – say they are not deterred despite Sunday’s overwhelming victory by Dmitry Medvedev, Putin’s choice, in Russia’s presidential elections.

  • Threats spur Shas call for unity

    Shas called for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to bring the Likud Party into the Israeli government.

  • Ashdod prepares to be in rocket range

    Ashdod is quietly preparing for the possibility of Palestinian rocket attacks.

  • Who is Dmitry Medvedev?

    The career of Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s next president, has been marked by loyalty to the man who handed him his post, President Vladimir Putin.

  • Gaza clashes escalate

    Four days of clashes in the Gaza Strip have killed some 100 Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers.

  • Anti-fascists counter neo-Nazis’ march

    Some 500 anti-fascists countered a rally by 200 neo-Nazi marchers in a Czech city.

  • Health warning over hospital mezuzot

    Devout Jews should think twice about kissing hospital mezuzot.

  • Olmert roots for Oscar entry ‘Beaufort

    Ehud Olmert praised “Beaufort,” Israel’s entry in the Oscars, at his weekly Cabinet meeting.