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  • Russian Reform Jews lack solutions

    At the annual gathering of Progressive Jews in the former Soviet Union, everyone knows what the problem is, but no one knows how to solve it.

  • Chabad making more inroads in Russia

    A Russian Jewish community’s decision to switch affiliations to Chabad may have been occasioned by an illegal speech by a local politician. It also may signal a shift in the battle for the souls of Russia’s Jewish communities.

  • Reform shul marks a first in Russia

    The opening of a new Reform synagogue in St. Petersburg will usher in a new era for the movement in Russia.

  • Turkmen leader’s death leaves void

    Without the skills and contacts of their late leader, the difficult future for Turkmenistan’s Jews seems even more tremulous.

  • Volunteers teach, rediscover Judaism

    A sort of Peace Corps with kipot works to meet the needs of communities in the former Soviet Union.

  • Russian groups unite for prisoners

    In a rare display of public unity, Russia’s three major Jewish organizations come together to benefit the prison system.

  • Can new director save Russia Hillel?

    Russia Hillel’s new director, hired after nearly a two-year search, is charged with revamping what is widely seen as a sagging brand in the former Soviet Union.

  • Important Judaica damaged in flooding

    An important collection of classic Judaica was damaged by flooding in the basement of the new Jewish community center in St. Petersburg.

  • Rights worker targeted for her work

    New information suggests that a human rights worker attacked in St. Petersburg was targeted in an attempt to deter her from testifying against a publisher of xenophobic literature.

  • Moscow’s young Jews go clubbing

    Project Rabinovich holds Jewish dance parties at Moscow’s hottest clubs to bring together Jewish youth outside the shul.