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  • Dems look to Purim for mascot Mordecai

    A 10-year-old Jewish donkey handler had her charge chosen to be the Democratic Party’s convention mascot.

  • Lawmakers rap Arbour on Arab charter

    The leaders of a U.S. congressional committee want the U.N. secretary-general to clarify a top official’s endorsement of an Arab charter.

  • Dershowitz to rally for Sderot

    Alan Dershowitz will speak at a rally for the rocket-weary Israeli city of Sderot.

  • Smith wins damages on Hitler slur

    Will Smith won damages from an entertainment news service that falsely claimed the actor described Adolf Hitler as “good.”

  • Watchdog: Israel’s cluster bombs argue for ban

    Israel’s use of cluster bombs in the 2006 Lebanon war makes the case for banning the weapon worldwide, a human rights watchdog said.

  • Groups blast Methodist Israel guide

    Jewish groups blasted a Methodist study guide to Israel as riddled with inaccuracies and intemperate rhetoric.

  • Israel does not pass Go

    “Jerusalem, Israel” created problems for the makers of Monopoly.

  • EU parliament calls on Israel to open Gaza

    The European Union’s parliament urged Israel to open its borders with the Gaza Strip.

  • Who will rule Russia after March 2?

    While the outcome of Russia’s upcoming elections is a near certainty, it’s unclear who exactly will be running the country after Vladimir Putin hands the presidency to Dmitry Medvedev.

  • Hitler singer takes stage again

    A 104-year-old singer who was a favorite of Hitler took the stage in his Dutch hometown amid protests.