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  • EU parliament calls on Israel to open Gaza

    The European Union’s parliament urged Israel to open its borders with the Gaza Strip.

  • Who will rule Russia after March 2?

    While the outcome of Russia’s upcoming elections is a near certainty, it’s unclear who exactly will be running the country after Vladimir Putin hands the presidency to Dmitry Medvedev.

  • Rice, Olmert to meet in Japan

    Condoleezza Rice reportedly will meet in Japan with Ehud Olmert next week to press him on peace talks.

  • Assad’s kin eyed in Syria sanctions

    A cousin of Syrian President Bashar Assad is a target of the Bush administration’s recently expanded sanctions of that country.

  • Southerner gets Reform youth award

    The Reform youth movement awarded its highest honor to Jonathan “J.C.” Cohen.

  • Dems look to Purim for mascot Mordecai

    A 10-year-old Jewish donkey handler had her charge chosen to be the Democratic Party’s convention mascot.

  • Lawmakers rap Arbour on Arab charter

    The leaders of a U.S. congressional committee want the U.N. secretary-general to clarify a top official’s endorsement of an Arab charter.

  • Dershowitz to rally for Sderot

    Alan Dershowitz will speak at a rally for the rocket-weary Israeli city of Sderot.

  • Smith wins damages on Hitler slur

    Will Smith won damages from an entertainment news service that falsely claimed the actor described Adolf Hitler as “good.”

  • War looming for once-Jewish city?

    With the possibility of war again on the horizon in the Caucasus, the Jewish heritage of the Republic of Georgia’s separatist provinces may be at the center of the line of fire.