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  • Russian vote interests few Jews

    A widespread sense of stability, the absence of significant anti-Semitism and a lack of viable alternatives to the party in power have coincided to produce the least important election for Russia’s Jews since the fall of the Soviet Union.

  • Chicago man deported for Nazi service

    An immigration judge ordered a Chicago man deported for his role in a Nazi-operated Ukranian police unit.

  • U.S., Israel plan for nuclear Iran

    The U.S. and Israel are preparing secret plans to deal with a nuclear Iran.

  • Report: Israel trying to ‘Judaize’ Temple Mount

    Israel is trying to destroy the Muslim nature of the Temple Mount, according to a report by a Turkish mission.

  • Yeshiva students deported from Russia

    A group of Chabad yeshiva students were deported from Russia after the U.S. State Department intervened to secure their release from prison.

  • Berlin Philharmonic opens up Nazi past

    For its 125th anniversary, the Berlin Philharmonic has opened up its Nazi past to the public.

  • Ukraine Rabbinate’s Web site attacked

    Hackers attacked the Web site of the Chief Rabbinate in Ukraine.

  • House chooses its top lawyer

    A lawyer active for years in the American Jewish Congress has been named general counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • Israeli film takes top prize in Kiev

    An Israeli film took the top prize at a Kiev film festival.

  • Third intifada’ seen unlikely

    Palestinians are unlikely to launch another coordinated terror wave if the upcoming U.S.-sponsored peace conference with Israel fails, the Shin Bet security chief said.