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  • At Ground Zero synagogue, tragedy lingers

    Memories of Ground Zero give special resonance to services at the Wall Street Synagogue, which stands only four blocks from the site of the disaster.

  • Security tight at Maccabi Games

    Security at this year’s JCC Maccabi Games is extremely high, as it has been for the past several years. An around-the-clock police presence, metal detectors, strict photo identification, and meetings with the FBI and local law enforcement all contribute t

  • Chirac angers U.S. Jewish groups

    American Jewish groups are outraged over French President Jacques Chirac’s reported accusations this week that they are under orders from Israel to wage an “anti-French campaign.”

  • Israeli boy getting bone marrow transplant

    Gift of Life, which began as a campaign to save a single leukemia patient, has grown into an organization dedicated to finding matching donors for Jews around the world. Its registry is made up of 70,000 entries, 98 percent of them Ashkenazi Jews.

  • Turkish chief rabbi dies

    David Asseo, the chief rabbi of Turkey who embodied the country’s Jewish community during his 41 years of service, died at 88 on Sunday.

  • Israel welcomes Amnesty report

    It’s an odd sight: Israel welcoming a report from Amnesty International. But after Amnesty issued a report criticizing Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli civilians as “crimes against humanity,” Israeli leaders praised the human rights group.

  • Ex-Nazi guard may be deported

    A U.S. immigration judge has ordered the deportation of Michael Negele, a Missouri man who served as a guard at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

  • Poll: European anti-Semitism high

    Thirty percent of Europeans cling to traditional anti-Jewish stereotypes, according to a new poll by the Anti-Defamation League.

  • Terror victim’s daughter speaks at Israel rally

    At Sunday’s emotional rally outside the Israeli Consulate in New York, speakers expressed a strong message of support for Israel and condemnation of Palestinian terrorism.

  • Israeli group aids deceased soldiers’ families

    Pnina Cohen, founder of the Israel Defense Forces Widows and Orphans Organization, is touring the United States to promote her organization and its efforts in the face of the ongoing Palestinian intifada.