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  • J Street congressional group snubbed, blocked from Gaza

    The head of a Democratic congressional delegation to Israel is criticizing the country’s deputy foreign minister for refusing to meet with the group over its connection to J Street.

  • PA settles with terror victim

    The Palestinian Authority settled a lawsuit for an undisclosed amount with the widow of an American killed in Israel in 2002.

  • Israel unites young pols

    During a recent AIPAC conference for college students, young Democratic and Republican leaders discussed their shared support for Israel – and the drink specials at the Hawk ‘n’ Dove.

  • West Bank fence to be rerouted

    Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered a controversial section of the West Bank security fence rerouted.

  • Ramon: Cut Gazan power after rockets

    Israel threatened to cut off power to the Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian rocket attacks.

  • Jewish groups help bridge victims

    Minneapolis-area Jews are offering aid and solace to victims of the tragic collapse of the I-35W Bridge in that city – and giving thanks for the survival of a former yeshiva student.

  • Israeli rights group headed to D.C.

    An Israeli human-rights organization is opening an office on Capitol Hill in an effort to influence U.S. foreign policy with reports on Jerusalem’s alleged abuses against Palestinians.

  • U.K. medical journal offers boycott debate

    The British Medical Journal re-ignited the debate over an academic boycott of Israel by running two opinion pieces on the subject last week.

  • Arab MK: Fight Israeli ‘occupation

    An Israeli Arab Knesset member urged Palestinians to fight Israeli “occupation.”

  • Report: Captive Israeli soldier died

    Israeli officials dismissed a Lebanese newspaper report that one of the two Israeli soldiers taken captive last summer by Hezbollah is dead.