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  • Conference of Presidents visiting South Africa

    The highest profile Jewish delegation ever to visit the African continent is in South Africa meeting with government leaders and local Jews.

  • Zuma to South African Jews: Come home

    In his first speech to a Jewish conference, South African President Jacob Zuma addressed anti-Semitism, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the importance of Jews to the country, earning a warm reception.

  • S. Africa targets visiting IDF official for prosecution

    A former South African Cabinet minister and two NGOs are calling for the war crimes prosecution of an Israeli soldier visiting the country.

  • Government minister’s slurs anger South African Jews

    A senior government official has roiled the South African Jewish community with anti-Semitic slurs, while the country’s president is assuring community leaders that everything will be be done to keep them safe.

  • S. Africa’s ostrich-farming Jews

    Hundreds of community members and visitors from around the world gather to celebrate 120 years of Jewish ostrich farmers in South Africa.

  • Jewish-led party does well in S. African elections

    A political party headed by one of South Africa´s leading Jewish politicians has entrenched its position as the second-largest party in the country.

  • South African Jews urged to engage

    South Africa’s central Jewish institution has come up with a plan to bolster the future of South African Jewry and help the community integrate into the general society.

  • Israeli mafia trial in South Africa

    An alleged Israeli mobster is facing charges in South Africa that include murder, kidnapping, robbery and intimidation, in what promises to be one of the highest-profile South African criminal trials in years.

  • South African judge: Iraq war is unlawful

    At a time when most Jewish leaders in South Africa are keeping a low profile on the war in Iraq, Judge Richard Goldstone has called the U.S.-led attack “unlawful under international law.” Goldstone, a prominent jurist and authority on human ri

  • S. African march glorifies suicide bombings

    The South African Jewish Board of Deputies is considering filing charges against the organizers of an anti-Israel march in Cape Town that included boys dressed as Muslim suicide bombers and demonstrators shouting “One American, one bullet” as