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  • Northern Israeli kids go to camp in Europe

    Some 120 young Israelis, mostly from northern areas that were hardest hit by the war with Hezbollah, have found rest and diversion at a Jewish camp in Hungary.

  • How would U.N. reform affect Israel?

    Do a series of proposed institutional changes at the United Nations bode well for Israel — or will they be used to further isolate the Jewish state in the international body?

  • Israel takes on U.N. agency

    Even as Israel concedes it must investigate a video it claimed showed Palestinians loading a rocket into a United Nations vehicle, critics of the U.N. assert that the U.N. Relief and Works Agency tolerates terrorists in its midst.

  • Belarus Jews struggle to learn religion

    Jews in Belarus favor a renaissance of Jewish culture and society, with little apparent interest in religion.

  • U.S. volunteer helps Belarus’ Jewish life

    Koby Oppenheim, a young Orthodox Jewish New Yorker, is having an exhilarating time in Minsk, Belarus as a volunteer in the Jewish Service Corps. At the same time he serves as an instructor, he is also learning about the surprisingly vibrant Jewish communi

  • Belarus’ last Yiddish writer

    Grigory Reles, Belarus’ greatest living Yiddish writer, looks back on the Stalinist purges that silenced the cream of intellectual life in Belarus. Reles is compiling profiles of the Jewish writers killed in the purges in order to preserve their fading le

  • The high hopes of Belarus’ chief rabbi

    The Orthodox chief rabbi of Belarus has a dream of rebuilding the Jewish community there — though it´s not clear whether it´s feasible.

  • Chagall becomes a tourist attraction

    Once shunned for leaving the Soviet Union for Paris, Marc Chagall has undergone a remarkable posthumous rehabilitation in Belarus, where his birthplace has become a tourist destination.

  • Belarus Jews at dictator’s whim

    Jews in Belarus tread carefully under the rule of the country’s authoritarian and often anti-Israel president.

  • Israeli fence to go to The Hague

    The diplomatic assault on Israel will reach a new venue as the U.N. General Assembly´s decision asks the International Court of Justice for an opinion on the legality of Israel´s West Bank security fence.