Jewish frat organizes remembrance walks


A Jewish fraternity has organized Holocaust remembrance walks on 31 North American college campuses.

Thousands of students are expected to participate Thursday, Holocaust Remembrance Day, in the United States and Canada. They will walk in silence wearing signs on their chests that read “Never Forget” while handing out information about the Holocaust.

Organized by Alpha Epsilon Pi, the walks are aimed at ensuring that discussion of the Holocaust and its lessons remains vital on campuses.

“The main goal is to remind people that the Holocaust is not a Jewish issue but a human issue,” said Phil Brodsky, the national programming director for the Jewish fraternity.

Alpha Epsilon Pi held a similar march last year at New York University. Josh Borenstein, an NYU senior and a member of the fraternity, says it was so successful he decided to widen the event to other chapters.

“It’s pretty remarkable to get 31 campuses to engage in the same activity on the same day,” he said, noting that the initiative would have been even larger but many colleges are already on summer vacation and others are taking final exams this week.

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