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is a JTA correspondent in South Africa. A law graduate and psychology major, she is the Cape Town correspondent for the South African Jewish Report. She contributes to London's Jewish Chronicle, is a reporter for the Cape Jewish Chronicle and has been published in the Cape Times and Cape Argus.


  • Serbs curb neo-Nazis

    Serbian authorities nixed a planned rally by a local neo-Nazi group.

  • Rabbi Avraham Shapira, 96

    Avraham Shapira, a leader of Israel’s religious Zionist movement and a former Ashkenazi chief rabbi, died.

  • Moscow releases Wallenberg files

    A Russian intelligence agency transfered secret files about Raoul Wallenberg to Russia’s chief rabbi.

  • Kidman film denied Nazi camp location

    A Holocaust film starring Nicole Kidman will not be shot at a former German concentration camp, its trustees said.

  • House committee congratulates Israel on U.N. gain

    A U.S. House of Representatives committee congratulated Israel on chairing a U.N. committee for the first time.

  • Dylan davens in Atlanta

    Bob Dylan stopped into an Atlanta shul for Yom Kippur services.

  • Abdel Shafi dead at 88

    Haidar Abdel Shafi, the first lead Palestinian negotiator with Israel, has died.

  • Bush slams Egypt on human rights

    The Bush administration slammed Egypt for shutting down a human rights monitor.

  • Reform slams Senate on Iraq timetable

    The Reform movement decried the U.S. Senate’s failure to set a timetable for leaving Iraq.

  • S. African Jewry grapples with exodus

    While the emigration of South African Jews to places like Australia has slowed in recent years, three decades of flight continues to vex a community still struggling to adapt.