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  • Op-Ed: Spreading awareness of the greatest gift

    Millions of generous people must be made aware of organ donation, says the national president of Hadassah, which has made awareness a priority.

  • Op-Ed: The Hadassah you know has not changed

    An organization as dynamic as Hadassah will not be distracted by a few scandalous headlines, or descriptions of events that happened years ago and for which we bear no responsibility, the group’s national president writes.

  • Op-Ed: Vital role of nurses must be stressed

    With a serious shortage of nurses in America, National Nurses Week should be used as a call to action, the national president of Hadassah writes.

  • Pentagon pulls apocalyptic video game

    The Pentagon stopped delivery of a proselytizing videogame about the apocalypse after complaints led by a Jewish activist.

  • Israel to turn back Sudanese illegals

    Israel will not longer allow Sudanese migrants who enter its territory illegally to stay.

  • Israel shuts out Sudanese illegals

    Israel will no longer allow Sudanese migrants who enter its territory illegally to stay.

  • Israel turned away Sudanese refugees

    Israel handed over 48 Sudanese refugees Saturday night to Egyptian authorities, Reuters reported.

  • Israel drafts interim deal for survivors

    Israeli survivors of Nazi concentration camps and wartime ghettoes are to receive increased state subsidies under an interim deal forged by Ehud Olmert.

  • Israel helps Peru

    Israel extended aid to victims of the Peruvian earthquake.

  • New England ADL leader fired

    Andrew Tarsy, the head of the Anti-Defamation League’s Boston office, was fired after dissenting from the organization’s position concerning the Armenian genocide.