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  • Bringing tefillin, connection to prison

    It’s not unusual to see Chabadniks wrapping tefillin around men’s arms, and reciting and explaining the blessings, but it’s less familiar when the setting is prison and the pupils are convicts.

  • U.S., Canada assist Israeli, Palestinian archivists

    U.S. and Canadian archivists launched a project to help Israel and the Palestinians preserve their archives.

  • Israel Project launches TV ads

    The Israel Project is launching a major TV ad campaign to coincide with the Republican and Democratic conventions.

  • U.N.: Gaza ceasefire ‘fragile

    A top U.N. official suggested Palestinian violations had imperiled the Israel-Hamas truce.

  • Israeli charged with Al Qaeda link

    A Beersheba court charged an Israeli Arab with spying for Al Qaeda.

  • Protest boats set to leave Gaza

    Activists plan to smuggle two Fulbright scholars out of Gaza by boat, and Israel does not plan to stop them.

  • Israel reopens Gaza crossings

    Israel reopened crossings into the Gaza Strip.

  • Rabbi in Iraq leads his Pa. book club

    Plenty of rabbis lead their congregation’s book club, but Jon Cutler of Tiferes B’nai Israel in Pennsylvania may be the only one who does so from a war zone.

  • Jewish community honors Poles

    Israel’s ambassador to Poland called relations between the two countries the best they have ever been.

  • JTA wins four AJPA awards

    JTA garnered three first-place awards at the American Jewish Press Association’s annual meeting this week in Washington, including in the investigative reporting category for the fifth straight year.