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  • Fidelity must divest from Sudan

    With the Sudanese leadership responsive to financial pressure, Fidelity must choose morality over money and divest its sizable holdings there, Rabbi Or N. Rose writes.

  • Divest from Sudan

    The American Jewish community should continue its activities to end the genocide in Darfur with targeted divestment.

  • Paris aliyah day draws 2,800

    Some 2,800 people attended an Aliyah Day in Paris organized by the Jewish Agency for Israel.

  • Israel beating Iran in arms race

    Israel is keeping ahead of arch-foe Iran in the ballistic arms race, Israel’s deputy defense minister said.

  • Suha Arafat turns Tunisian

    Yasser Arafat’s widow reportedly has taken Tunisian citizenship.

  • Hamas sees ‘victory over Jews

    Hamas said its alliance with Fatah presaged a “victory over the Jews.”

  • Study: Israeli immigrant youth disadvantaged

    A disproportionate number of disadvantaged Israeli youth come from immigrant families, a study found.

  • Israel reviews Jerusalem dig

    Israel is pressing ahead with a controversial dig near the Temple Mount but will review plans to build at the site.

  • Study sees post-Temple schism

    A split in the Jewish community after the Second Temple was destroyed contributed to the rise of Christianity, Israeli researchers say.

  • Scottish Jewish judge cleared of bias charges

    The first female Supreme Court judge in Scotland was cleared of charges that her Jewish background influenced her decision to deny asylum to a Palestinian refugee.