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  • Op-Ed: Time to get serious about cybersecurity

    Our massive dependence on technology provides a perfect platform for those who seek to harm Jewish interests, writes the director of the Secure Community Network.

  • Op-Ed: The day after and the Jewish community remains open for business

    After the deadly attack on a Jewish school in France, it is vital that the American Jewish community remain vigilant, but also broadcast the message that it remains open for business.

  • Op-Ed: Jewish community cannot be complacent on security

    In a Passover security message, the head of the Secure Community Network implores the community to ensure that security remains an ongoing process.

  • Newburgh mosque leaders: We don’t preach hate

    Worshipers at a New York-area mosque grapple with the notion of wannabe terrorists among them and why they didn’t turn in the FBI informant for trying to trap them.

  • Op-Ed: Security is everyone’s responsibility

    Only by training and running exercises can Jewish institutions test their emergency plans and ensure that staff members know how to respond to crisis or disaster, writes the head of the Secure Community Network.

  • Balancing security, openness

    The head of the U.S. Jewish community’s security network says institutions need to think more seriously about security – but without needlessly sacrificing their sense of openness.

  • Security tips for Jewish institutions

    Synagogues across North America are confronting the usual holiday dilemma: how to provide a safe and secure environment for synagogue members and guests while maintaining an open, welcoming environment befitting the High Holidays.