New Zealand man operates neo-Nazi Web site


A New Zealand racist under house arrest has been spending his time running a neo-Nazi Web site.

Brendon James Rimmer, 22, has been operating the anti-Jewish site while serving a six-month home detention sentence for a racist assault. Rimmer pleaded guilty to three charges of assault earlier this month for an attack on an Asian teenager.

A front-page story in the Feb. 15 edition of the Taupo Times newspaper, on New Zealand’s north island, revealed that Rimmer operates, which touts itself as “a social networking website for people of European descent” and the place for the “promotion of white separatism.”

According to the Times, since Rimmer’s Feb. 5 sentencing, he has posted a blog about “recognizing your enemy” in which he says: “Number one on the list is the international Jew, the whole Jewish network, the Jew as an individual. Number two is the mass of colored races, whom we shall designate simply as the mud races.”

Stephen Goodman, president of the New Zealand Jewish Council, told JTA, “Brendon Rimmer is a member of a very small minority and forms even smaller groups to support and rationalize his warped belief. The use of hate speech, as in this case, shows the blatant abuse of the privilege of freedom of speech.”


Rimmer also reportedly has used his Web site to try and organize a meeting of white supremacists in New Zealand.

A former youth leader of the National Front of New Zealand and co-leader of the New Zealand Nazi Militia, he has since joined a group known as the White Crusaders of the Rahowa (an acronym for racial holy war) and is a member of Creativity NZ, the U.S.-based white supremacist movement formerly known as the Church of the Creator.

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