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  • French Jews to vote for leadership

    A campaign to head the CRIF umbrella organization of French Jewry is attracting national media attention in France.

  • After Madrid: Whither Europe?

    Jews across Europe wonder how last week´s suicide bombings in Madrid will affect European attitudes toward the Middle East and the war on terrorism.

  • Passion’ fuels French war of words

    French Jewish groups have been successful in several recent efforts to curtail speech they see as anti-Semitic, but this activism has brought charges of censorship.

  • Stars of David along the Champs Elysees

    A main Parisian avenue was decorated with Stars of David in honor of a rare visit by the Israeli president, Moshe Katsav, who praised the French for taking steps to fight anti-Semitism.

  • French Jews living on Uneasy Street

    Despite government efforts to fight anti-Semitism, French Jews say they continue to live in a state of insecurity and malaise.

  • Jews honored as Righteous Gentiles

    A French priest, born Jewish but baptized a Catholic before World War II, has been named a Righteous Gentile with his brother by Yad Vashem for their lifetime work saving Jews, especially during the Holocaust.

  • Israelis get glimpse through French eyes

    A group of French Jewish philanthropists hopes a visit from Israeli journalists will correct what they call unjustified bad press on their country’s attitude toward the Jewish state.

  • E.U. mends fences with Europe’s Jews

    The president of the European Commission has promised to convene a seminar on anti-Semitism, soothing ill feelings between European Jewish leaders and the European Union. Jewish leaders are apprehensive that the rotation of the presidency of the E.U. from

  • Religion in and out of French schools

    A proposal to make Yom Kippur, together with the Muslim Festival of the Sacrifice, Eid al-Adhar, national school holidays in France is just one of a series of radical recommendations contained in the final report of a commission set up to examine how to a

  • Accord gives new life to activists

    The "Geneva accord" peace proposal has galvanized left-wing American Jewish activists who feel their camp can deliver Israel from its current predicament.