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  • Troyes rabbi worries about the future


  • Should French Jews take more activist role?

    A meeting between a French lobbying group and an American Jewish organization highlights competing visions over how to deal with anti-Semitism and attitudes toward Israel.

  • Hit French rap album praises intifada

    One of the most popular albums in France has lyrics praising the Intifada and scorning Jews. The rap group Sniper has begun to take heat for its confrontational words, particularly in the song “Stone Thrower,” which endorses suicide bombings.

  • New needs, new challenges for European JCCs

    Delegates from 22 countries met in Paris for the first European Conference of Jewish Community Centers. The event reflects an evolving JCC system that now includes roughly 180 JCCs in the former Soviet Union, more than three times the number in Western Eu

  • Moroccan emigres shocked by bombs

    Moroccan Jews have reacted with shock at the terrorist attacks on Jewish sites in Casablanca. Even those Jews who have emigrated felt that Morocco was somehow different and safer than the many Arab countries where Jewish minorities have been targets of vi

  • Shoah case against French railroad fails

    A Paris court has rejected a lawsuit against the French national railroad for its role in transporting Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II. The lawsuit was brought by a French Jew who recently discovered that the railroad was paid after the war f

  • French Jews: Keep church, state separate

    France is struggling to reconcile the wishes of its growing Muslim population with the state’s strict separation of church and state. If France fails in these efforts, the unrest could provide fertile ground for Islamic extremism. Several French Je

  • Muslim Council ballot worries French Jews

    French Jews may have been hoping that the election of the first council to represent France’s 5 million-strong Muslim community would act as a moderating influence on its members. They received a rude awakening earlier this month.

  • French ask for Shoah compensation

    Compensation claims by Holocaust survivors and their families against the French government have doubled over the course of the past year, reaching tens of millions of dollars, according to the latest report by a government commission.

  • French survivor wants to honor hero

    A young French Jew who was saved by the efforts of a French villager from Festalemps, Fernand Peyronnet, has sought to honor his rescuer. Last month, Peyronnet was awarded a medal from Yad Vashem, honoring him as one of the Righteous of the Nations.