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  • Atlanta community surges

    Atlanta’s Jewish community, an unusual hybrid of natives and newcomers, has soared in the past decade.

  • Study ranks Atlanta 11th-largest

    A recent study tracked the growth, demographics, affiliation and Zionism of Atlanta’s Jewish community.

  • Presbyterian divestment rooted in history

    The Presbyterians’ Palestinian sympathies can be traced back to the 19th century, when mainline American Protestant churches specialized in certain world regions.

  • Divestment prominent on Presbyterian agenda

    Out of 137 overtures submitted for consideration at the 217th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA in June, 25 address divestment from Israel.

  • Interfaith trip opens eyes, hearts

    One young Jewish woman worked with Jews, played with Jews and wrote about Jews. So it was only recently — on an interfaith mission to Turkey — that she had the chance to really know and bond with her non-Jewish neighbors.

  • Few cry over federation system’s funding change

    The United Jewish Communities, the coordinating body for the North American Jewish federation system, is scrapping the process it has been using for several years to determine its funding of overseas programs.

  • Interfaith trip mends ties

    With Jewish-Protestant tries fraying because of the movement to divest from Israel, an interfaith mission to the Holy Land helped restore lines of communication.

  • Presbyterian-Jewish ties worsening

    Close to giving up on talks with Presbyterian leaders, Jewish officials say the church’s leadership is being swayed by the political agenda of radical Palestinians.

  • Conferences tackle Jewish challenges

    The slew of new forums focusing on the future of the Jewish people reveals a certain angst about today’s challenges and raises questions about how much faith Jews have in their existing institutions to address those challenges.

  • The U.N. at 60

    As the United Nations prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the occasion is bittersweet for Jewish observers, who note some positive changes but are still frustrated with the unfair treatment of Israel at the world body.