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  • Jewish group takes on world hunger

    A new concept in the fight against world hunger emerged from a conversation between two young Jewish girls.

  • Barenboim speech sparks outrage

    As a documentary film’s accusations of anti-Israel bias roil Columbia University, conductor Daniel Barenboim sparked outrage with a campus speech bashing Israel and drawing parallels between the founder of Zionism and Hitler’s favorite composer.

  • N.Y. philanthropist aids Druse

    A major Jewish philanthropist is soliciting funds to aid Israeli Druse, a 100,000-strong Arab community that has been loyal to the Jewish state and serves in its army.

  • Matching grants draw donors

    A landmark matching-grant program for Jewish educational institutions enticed some 85 donors to make their first major donations or to increase their largest previous gifts by at least 500 percent.

  • An issue of intimidation, or free speech?

    Charges that some pro-Palestinian faculty members at Columbia University intimidated pro-Israel students continue to roil the campus, but the terms of debate are changing to a clash over free speech in academia.

  • Showing Israel ‘beyond the conflict

    Two Jewish Silicon Valley executives, exasperated by the way Israel is portrayed in the news, founded a group devoted to getting positive human interest stories about the Jewish state into the media.

  • Federations fight for Falash Mura

    An Israeli Supreme Court ruling postponing a decision to expedite the aliyah of some 17,000 Ethiopians who claim Jewish ancestry has enraged the Jewish Agency for Israel and given American Jewry time to mobilize its troops.

  • U.N. condemns anti-Semitism

    A United Nations resolution on anti-Semitism proves the axiom that Europe is the fulcrum about which action, or inaction, takes place at the world body.

  • U.S. Jews laud Knesset vote

    The Knesset vote on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Gaza withdrawal plan may have sparked controversy inside Israel, but on the other side of the Atlantic it met with broad support.

  • Jewish poverty on rise in New York

    Huge growth in New York Jewry’s Orthodox and Russian-speaking populations, as well as a rise in poverty in the city’s Jewish community, are key findings of a new survey.