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  • Africans speak out on Mideast studies

    Sudanese students said the story of Africans expelled from or enslaved in Arab countries is left out of college Mideast curricula, adding a new dimension to an ongoing controversy engulfing Columbia University.

  • Jews, Catholics getting along

    The Roman Catholic’s changed view of Jews was on display at a conference of Jewish and Catholic leaders in New York.

  • Jewish Agency comments create stir

    Robert Goldberg, UJC board chair, apologized for blasting the group’s primary overseas partner, the Jewish Agency for Israel.

  • Jewish Agency shifts focus

    The Jewish Agency for Israel is shifting its priorities, putting into action a strategic plan that considers strengthening the identity of young Jews around the world as one of its top priorities.

  • Jewish group takes on world hunger

    A new concept in the fight against world hunger emerged from a conversation between two young Jewish girls.

  • Barenboim speech sparks outrage

    As a documentary film’s accusations of anti-Israel bias roil Columbia University, conductor Daniel Barenboim sparked outrage with a campus speech bashing Israel and drawing parallels between the founder of Zionism and Hitler’s favorite composer.

  • N.Y. philanthropist aids Druse

    A major Jewish philanthropist is soliciting funds to aid Israeli Druse, a 100,000-strong Arab community that has been loyal to the Jewish state and serves in its army.

  • Matching grants draw donors

    A landmark matching-grant program for Jewish educational institutions enticed some 85 donors to make their first major donations or to increase their largest previous gifts by at least 500 percent.

  • An issue of intimidation, or free speech?

    Charges that some pro-Palestinian faculty members at Columbia University intimidated pro-Israel students continue to roil the campus, but the terms of debate are changing to a clash over free speech in academia.

  • Showing Israel ‘beyond the conflict

    Two Jewish Silicon Valley executives, exasperated by the way Israel is portrayed in the news, founded a group devoted to getting positive human interest stories about the Jewish state into the media.