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  • New UJC leader shares the credit

    New UJC leader Howard Rieger will take a salt-of-the-earth approach to the helm of the Jewish organization.

  • Russian Jews: partners, not clients

    Roughly 25 years after the first wave of Jews from the former Soviet Union arrived in the United States, the Russian Jewish community has matured to the point where its members want to be treated as partners with other American Jews, not as charity cases.

  • Jewish students’ complex political identity

    American Jewish college students are showing a high level of student activism and interest in world politics. Though Israel is a key issue, they also voice concerns over gay rights, reproductive rights and job security.

  • Most Jewish groups support Yassin killing

    Most U.S. Jewish groups backed Israel´s killing of Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin, in contrast to international condemnation of the assassination and debate over its efficacy.

  • Palestinians challenge Israel at U.N.

    An old tradition is reviving at the United Nations: challenging Israel´s credentials. A Palestinian representative plans to introduce a General Assembly resolution that would limit Israel´s U.N. credentials to its pre-1967 borders and give Pal

  • Report: Sexism in federation system

    A new report says that sexism pervades the North American Jewish federation system, where an “old-boys’ network” allegedly has kept women from reaching the top echelons of Jewish organizations.

  • Rabbis protesting fence hearing arrested

    Pro-Israel activists gathered outside the U.N. to speak out against the hearings on Israel´s security fence being held at the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

  • A new deal on overseas funds?

    Several federation leaders are working on a deal on one of the most contentious issues surrounding the United Jewish Communities — filling overseas funding needs. Now they have to sell the proposal to the rest of the federation system.

  • Jewish groups prep for fence hearing

    Jewish groups fear an outpouring of anti-Zionist vitriol at the upcoming International Court of Justice hearing on Israel’s West Bank security fence — and they’re preparing strategies to fight back.

  • Federation in UJC dues flap

    A Virginia federation that has withheld UJC member dues in its desire to see changes at the umbrella organization may be ousted if it doesn’t pay up.