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  • Israeli, Palestinian partner on a book of fiction

    A best-selling Israeli author and a London-based Palestinian writer collaborate on a fictional account of life in the Middle East in vignettes and characters that refuse to conform to stereotypes.

  • Photos revive Auschwitz-bombing debate

    Britain’s move to make World War II aerial reconnaissance photos available online has reopened the 60-year-old debate over whether Allied forces could have bombed the concentration camps in order to stop the killing.

  • Anti-Semitic incidents up in Britain

    A British monitoring group has reported that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain last year was the second-highest total in two decades. The tension caused by the turmoil in the Middle East is blamed for the spike.

  • What will come of activist’s death?

    British Jews from across the political spectrum hope that some good — such as a re-evaluation of Israeli military policy — may yet come from the death of a British university student shot by an Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip.

  • Scandal rocks Hollinger empire

    Conrad Black, one of the world´s most vocally pro-Israel newspaper barons, looks set to lose his media empire in the wake of financial scandals.

  • The rise of Conrad Black

    Conrad Black grew up in a wealthy family of brewers, but already in college he set his sights on the world of media ownership.

  • British chief rabbi asked to quit

    A key leader of Britan´s Jewish community called on the country´s Orthodox chief rabbi to resign for allegedly failing to speak out on key issues like anti-Semitism and Israel.

  • Mideast talks in London yield little

    Senior Israeli and Palestinian officials held meetings outside of London, accomplishing little, but signaling that additional talks aimed at restarting negotiations may be on the way.

  • Oxford professor suspended

    British Jewry’s main organization praised Oxford University for suspending a professor who rejected a graduate student for being Israeli — but a British Jewish student group says the punishment isn’t sufficient.

  • Kosher slaughter to be cut?

    Emboldened by this summer’s recommendation by the British Farm Animal Welfare Council that all animals in the country be stunned before being slaughtered, a British vegetarian group is planning to launch a new campaign against kosher slaughter.