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  • How communal norms may lead to improper conduct

    With the well-publicized arrests of haredim in New Jersey and New York, some are suggesting that the tight bonds of religious observance can sometimes lead to an us-vs.-them view of the outside world that rationalizes acts of wrongdoing.

  • Ride of the Living

    Jewish motorcycle riders gathered at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to remember the Shoah; they mourned and remembered, and they also enjoyed the ride.

  • Carols out in some N.J. schools

    Christmas carols, with lyrics and without, have been banned in some New Jersey schools, leading some area residents to ask if the move is a necessary nod to church-state separation or overkill.

  • Times workers charge racism, anti-Semitism

    Nine New York Times employees, including a Jewish man, have filed a lawsuit charging that they were subjected to racial and religious discrimination while working at a printing plant.