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  • Op-Ed: Redress plights of Jewish and Palestinian refugees

    Jewish refugees from Arab lands were even more numerous than Palestinian refugees, but their plight has gone largely ignored and must be recognized in any credible Middle East peace process, the president of the World Jewish Congress writes.

  • Islamic groups linked to Holy Land case

    Federal prosecutors named three prominent Islamic organizations among the co-conspirators in a criminal case against a defunct charity that allegedly helped fund Hamas.

  • Mass grave of Shoah victims found

    A mass grave holding the remains of thousands of Jews killed by the Nazis has been found in southern Ukraine.

  • WJC election slate set

    Four candidates apparently have filed for the interim presidency of the World Jewish Congress.

  • I can return WJC to greatness

    Ronald Lauder, who is running for the World Jewish Congress presidency, outlines his vision to restore the organization back to greatness.