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  • Op-Ed: To fight BDS, focus on teens

    For new initiatives to succeed at beating back the movement to boycott Israel, they must target not only college students but Jewish teenagers, write David Bryfman and Steven M. Cohen.

  • Op-Ed: If you marry a Jew, you’re one of us

    If you marry a Jew, you’re part of our community until proven otherwise, Steven M. Cohen and Joy Levitt write.

  • Op-Ed: The shrinking Jewish Middle — and how to expand it

    If federations and other mainstream Jewish institutions are to survive, the population of Conservative and Reform Jews who are unambiguously attached to Jewish life must be nurtured and expanded, two researchers write.

  • Op-Ed: Conversion shouldn’t be the only path to joining the Jewish people

    Steven M. Cohen and Rabbi Kerry Olitzky outline their vision for a cultural pathway to join the Jewish people that does not require religious commitments.

  • Stop sugarcoating intermarriage

    If the community rejects the wishful thinking and false optimism that has grown up around the intermarriage question, it can stop this grave threat, sociologist Steven M. Cohen writes.