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  • Miliband’s positions on Israel concern UK Jews

    British Jews are concerned about where Labor’s new leader, Ed Miliband, will take the party on Israel policy.

  • Unusual coalition gov’t leaves British Jews uncertain on policy

    With Britons uncertain of how the country’s first coalition government since World War II will go about governing, the country’s Jewish community is taking a wait-and-see approach to the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat government.

  • New book stirs controversy about British chief rabbi

    A new book that criticizes Britain’s chief rabbi is opening old wounds and sparking a new debate about whether the institution of the British chief rabbi is outdated for the country’s diverse Jewish community.

  • As Britain votes, Liberal Democrats’ record on Israel draws scrutiny

    With the Liberal Democratic candidate having upended the race for British prime minister, Jews are concerned about the Israel record of a party likely to wield considerable power in the next parliament. The vote is May 6.

  • British Jews weigh fight after court ruling on ‘Who is a Jew’

    A British Supreme Court ruling that regulates admission requirements for Jewish schools is being seen across the Jewish denominational spectrum as government interference in a matter of religion. The question of how to react has left British Jewry bitterly divided.