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  • After Winograd: Now what?

    Now that “failure” is officially stamped on Ehud Olmert’s management of last summer’s war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, the question is: What happens now?

  • Russian-speaking Emissaries Bring Seders to an Isolated Community

    Approximately 5,250 miles from Zabars in New York City, 5,680 miles from Jerusalem — and, in April, still resting peacefully under several feet of fresh snow — Kamchatka may be the last place in the world you’d expect to find a Jew diligently grating maror for a seder. Nonetheless, it was in this regional capital…

  • Seders reach isolated community

    Russian-speaking emissaries brought Passover seders to an isolated community eager to learn Jewish rituals, part of a recent Chabad push to use Russians rather than foreigners as emissaries in the former Soviet Union.

  • Israel torn over Sudanese refugees

    Sudanese refugees fleeing the genocide in Darfur are crossing illegally into Israel, providing a moral dilemma for the Jewish state. In a six-part special series, JTA delves behind the scenes, exploring Israel’s options in dealing with the humanitarian

  • Israeli Quandary over Sudanese: Let Them Stay or Send Them Away

    With two miles of bare footprints behind them, Ahmed and Fatima, and their three children approached the border with Israel in the middle of a cold winter night. Snow was falling in the Sinai. Avoid the Egyptian military patrols, they were warned by their Bedouin smugglers, whom they paid with money borrowed from Sudanese friends….

  • News Brief

    Snowstorms froze much of Israel. Winter blizzards brought heavy snow to the Jewish state Wednesday, from Mount Hermon in the North to Jerusalem to the Negev Desert in the South.

  • Shavuot is a Harvest Festival: Use Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

    Phyllis Glazer recalls a morning in the 1970s when she, her mother and three sisters packed a picnic lunch and drove to a kibbutz in an old Citroen. “It was one of those beautiful sunlit spring days in the hills of Menashe, in the Galilee,” says Glazer, author of “The Essential Book of Jewish Festival…

  • Olmert and Bush Meet in the Middle, Agree on Unilateral Moves As Second Best

    One quality President Bush was looking for in Ehud Olmert during their marathon meeting this week was how well Israel’s new leader is able to stop, breathe and listen. Bush administration officials, while clearly focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, want to slow down a process that seems to be careening out of control, both in…