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Adam Sandler

  • The Great Sandler Debate: Happy Gilmore vs. Billy Madison!

    Sept. 9 marks Adam Sandler’s 45th birthday.
    Under the guise of a work-related assignment, 6nobacon writers Jew-Jew Barrea and Seamus McQuippah watched two seminal Sandler films from the 1990s (Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore) with the task of defending their favorites.
    Siding with Mr. Madison: JJB. Arguing in favor of Mr. Gilmore: SMQ.
    Enjoy! More ▸

  • Adam Sandler likes to carry his loved ones

    Just a few days before his 45th birthday (expect a 6noBacon special!), Adam Sandler took advantage of the long weekend and took his kids and puppy out for some fun activities. Three different paparazzi sites caught the funnyman this weekend. Sandler was spotted carrying his bulldog, Matzoball, on Monday. Later that day, he was rocking a Mizzou… More ▸