Adam Sandler’s lady-likeness is too hot for the holy land


Courtesy of Ofir Bloch

In a hilarious expose of misplaced ultra-Orthodox rage, an ad for “Jack and Jill” was graffitied in Jerusalem the other day. While some might spray paint an Adam Sandler poster out of general comedic outrage, this offender clearly was not bothered by anything talent-related. The vandal appears to have been offended by the face of Sandler’s female alter-ego, oblivious to the fact that it was the actor himself in drag.

The defacement follows an uptick in vandalism against ads featuring women in Jerusalem. While the Orthodox community previously would only make a stink when ladies were looking exceptionally fine, many are now spray painting over all female forms. Since Sandler in drag certainly doesn’t buy into the traditional definition of beauty, one can only assume that these guys have become so wrapped up in the thrill of being Banksy they forgot what a real girl looks like.

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