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  • Jews urge France to halt planned exhumation in Algeria

    Dozens of Jewish graves will be disturbed and hundreds more desecrated, according to a petition against France's plan to wipe out its cemeteries in its former province in North Africa to lower maintenance costs.

  • Algerian Compares Israel to Nazis As U.N. Conference Gets Under Way

    The Arab world’s assault on Israel in international forums reached new heights — or new lows — in Geneva this week, Jewish observers say. It was there that the Algerian delegate to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights repeatedly invoked Holocaust imagery to describe Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. As the Geneva meeting kicked off… More ▸

  • Papon, Charged with War Crimes, Now Accused of Algerian Deaths

    Maurice Papon, the former French Cabinet member who faces trial for his role in deporting nearly 1,700 Jews to Nazi death camps, has been accused of causing the deaths of dozens of Algerians during pro- independence protests while he was Paris police chief in 1961. An Algerian rights group known as The Foundation for May… More ▸

  • Police Arrive from Algeria

    A group of more than 140 Palestinian police officers have arrived in the Gaza Strip from Algeria. They are scheduled to join a contingent of 12,000 Palestinian police officers who will be on patrol in the West Bank when Palestinian self-rule is extended in the area. Israel Radio reported that two members of the newly… More ▸

  • Algerian Muslim Fundamentalist Says He Was Told to Hit Morocco Synagogue

    An Algerian Muslim fundamentalist arrested in Morocco for the killing of Spanish tourists has confessed he had been instructed to attack a synagogue in Casablanca, according to a report by the Moroccan news agency MAP. Hamel Marzouk said he decided not to attack the synagogue because it was so heavily guarded, and instead shot up… More ▸

  • Jews of Algeria Are Relieved at Cancellation of Elections

    Algeria’s tiny remnant Jewish community appears not to have been affected yet by the turmoil that followed the fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front’s victory in the country’s first democratic elections since its independence from France in 1962. But a leader of the Jewish community in Algiers, where most of the country’s 200 Jews reside, expressed relief… More ▸

  • Pnc Conference in Algeria Bodes Ill for the Middle East Peace Process

    The five-day conference of the Palestine National Council, which opened in Algiers Monday under the chairmanship of Yasir Arafat, bodes ill for the Middle East peace process and particularly for those in Israel and elsewhere who support an international peace conference with Palestinian participation. The PNC, which calls itself the Palestinian parliament in exile, is… More ▸