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Andy Samberg

  • Andy Samberg and Lonely Island sued for copyright-infringement (and a twist at the end!)

    SNL’s Andy Samberg and his fellow Lonely Island members and SNL writers Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone are facing a copyright-infringement suit for allegedly stealing the music for the skit “Shy Ronnie,”¬† featuring Rihanna. They are being sued by “StarStrukk,” a production team from St. Louis made up of Aleric “Rick tha Rular” Banks and… More ▸

  • Drake: ‘I was begging to act on SNL!’

    A couple of days ago we posted the hilarious SNL short in which Andy Samberg interviewed Drake. Apparently, there is a reason why Drake did more than just sing: He just really really wanted to act. “I’m dying to, man. I was begging,” Drake told MTV News. “I was begging everybody like, ‘Please let me… More ▸

  • Andy Samberg interviews Drake. HILARIOUS!

    Rapper Drake was musical guest on this weekend’s SNL and he got a special treatment from Andy Samberg, in a series of bizarre interviews. If you’re into Andy Samberg’s humor, prepare for two minutes and 35 seconds of comic gold. More ▸

  • Ben Stiller’s Yom Kippur inspired SNL monologue

    Ben Stiller hosted this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, which, as he pointed out, came right after Yom Kippur. “My father is Jewish, my mother is Irish Catholic, which means according to the Torah, I’m not actually Jewish,” he explained. “But according to all of the mirrors, I am.” Wah, wah. Despite this, it seems that… More ▸

  • The epic Elmo/Andy Samberg creep-off

    The beloved Elmo made a special appearance on Fallon and his interaction with guest Andy Samberg was kind of, well, creepy. The two looked at each other funny most of the time, and Samberg made one of his famous awkward faces. Overall, it just seems like the two just weren’t really fond of one another,… More ▸

  • A gathering of the Bergs

    Andy Samberg, best known to me as my future husband once he dumps Joanna Newsom (who even likes the harp? I mean, really), put on the ol’ jeans and hoodie and impersonated our fearless overlord, Mark Zuckerberg, at the F8 conference. It was a real stretch for Samberg to play a curly-haired Jewish looking sort… More ▸

  • Iran So Far: 2011 edition

    Thursday at the U.N., Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the General Assembly, spewing his typical anti-U.S., anti-West and anti-Israel nonsense. Different year, same rhetoric. It is often said you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. In accordance with that idiom, below is the best response ever created to Ahmadinejad’s pronouncements¬† — a love song… More ▸

  • Samberg, Rogen and Co. stand up to cancer

    Stand Up To Cancer is encouraging all Star Wars fans out there to do the same. In a series of new videos for the organization, Andy Samberg, Seth Rogen and several other actors, including Emma Stone, Ken Jeong, Aziz Ansari, Ed Helms and Bill Hader, perform famous scenes from the original trilogy, modified for comedic… More ▸

  • Tennis, now with Andy Samberg

    Five days before the 2011 US Open Tennis Tournament begins, and The New York Times Magazine decided to feature a long article about tennis rivalries (seriously, this article is so long that by the time you’ll finish reading it the US Open will begin). In order to attract the younger crowd, who probably doesn’t know… More ▸