Ben Stiller’s Yom Kippur inspired SNL monologue


Ben Stiller hosted this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, which, as he pointed out, came right after Yom Kippur.

“My father is Jewish, my mother is Irish Catholic, which means according to the Torah, I’m not actually Jewish,” he explained. “But according to all of the mirrors, I am.” Wah, wah.

Despite this, it seems that Stiller had actually fasted since during the monologue he started getting lightheaded from hunger. That is when Andy Samberg appeared before him as the Jewish Willy Wonka (JWW) — Gene Wilder.

JWW took Stiller on a tour of Jewish food. “It’s every taste you’ve ever dreamed of — from salty to fishy!” he explained to the starving Stiller.

When asked who made all of this magical food, JWW replied, “I have an army of little men.”

“Oompa loompas?” Stiller inquired.

“No, just regular Jewish men,” JWW said.


Check out the monologue and song in its entirety below.

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