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Bob Dylan

  • Bob Dylan’s Rapping Progeny

    People freaked out when Dylan went electric. Imagine how they’ll feel when they learn that his grandson has gone hip hop! Meet Pablo Dylan, who has just released a mixtape of rhymes called “10 Minutes.” While most people wouldn’t associate rap with the rock legend from the 60s, his kin has a different take on… More ▸

  • Birthday boy Bob Dylan among the Jewish folk

    Today is folk legend Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, Dylan is no stranger to Jewish celebration. In 1975, he crashed a Passover seder with Marlon Brando. And in 2004, Dylan was spotted at Yom Kippur services in his home state of Minnesota. Fun aside: Earlier this month, NPR’s Robert Siegel shared that Bob… More ▸

  • Dylan fan site blocks Israeli users

    A Bob Dylan fan site has blocked users inside Israel from accessing the site in what the site operator calls a cultural boycott in response to Israel’s interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla. More ▸