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  • Meet Esther, the new (Jewish?) ‘Queen of Persia’

    Remember Esther, the “Queen of Persia” contestant who scored big points with the audience — and the king — when she touched his scepter (no innuendo intended) during the final date round? Well it turns out the winner of the Bravo reality series might just be a member of the tribe. And you know how… More ▸

  • Andy Cohen makes a deal with Bravo

    Nobody puts Andy Cohen in a corner! And by “corner” we mean the corporate offices of Bravo. The “Watch What Happens Live” host had made a two-year deal with the network in which he will relinquish his position as executive vice president for talent and development, allowing him to spend more time focusing on his… More ▸

  • ‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 3 premieres tonight

    This evening kicks off season three of Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” a show that appears to possibly be worse for the Jews than another Bravo reality show we love to (mostly) hate, “Princesses: Long Island.” While “Shahs,” set in Los Angeles’ Persian community is not, like it’s Jappy sibling, a specifically Jewish show  — the… More ▸

  • ‘Princesses: Long Island’ episode 8 recap: ‘Always a Bridesmaid’

    One of the most grating things about “Princesses” is the abundance of forced Jewisms. You can’t go five minutes without hearing an “oy vey” or a “mazel tov,” and when you do it’s impossible not to imagine the producers coaching the characters on the sidelines, reminding them of the singular thing that makes their show… More ▸

  • ‘Princesses: Long Island’ episode 7 recap: Top 5 lessons learned

    Last night on “Princesses” the focus shifted from the partying and the shopping and the egregious Drink Hanky product placement, right back to the show’s most important and central theme: Landing a rich guy. Chanel visits her rabbi for love advice and goes on a date with the best man from her sister’s wedding, Amanda… More ▸

  • What Sarah Silverman thinks about ‘Princesses: Long Island’

    Sarah Silverman’s dad isn’t the only member of his family to speak out about Bravo’s “Princesses: Long Island.” This morning his comedian daughter Tweeted about the reality show’s recent controversy. Finally, a way to blame the Jews for 9/11 RT @HuffPostTV Bravo apologizes to 9/11 victim’s family after offensive “Princesses: Long Island” — Sarah Silverman… More ▸