Middle school teacher says he was forced to resign after appearing on ‘Princesses: Long Island’


When Stefan Serie appeared as an extra on Bravo’s “Princesses: Long Island,” he did what the female stars on the show do practically every episode. Which is to say he pranced around a party wearing minimal clothing. The difference between Serie and the ladies (well one of differences, anyway), is he actually had something to lose: A job.

The 30-year-old health teacher showed up on the series premiere poolside at Erica’s Hampton’s bash shirtless, his abs glistening in the sun. While he wasn’t doing anything he “would tell his students not to do,” Serie explained to the Daily News, the whole thing didn’t go over very well with school officials.

About a week after the episode aired, Serie received a letter asking him to report to the school district office. He said that upon his arrival, administrators told him his tenure offer would be rescinded and pressed him to resign.

“It was a coerced resignation,” said the eight-year teaching veteran. “I want my job and tenure back. I think I deserve it.”

So do his students’ parents. A rally was held Wednesday night at which supporters called for his reinstatement. We’ll keep you posted on the drama, which at this point is slightly more exciting than what’s currently happening on the show.

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