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  • As Bulgaria and Israel Forge Ties, Snag Develops over Airport Security

    Israel and Bulgaria, on the brink of resuming diplomatic relations, have run into a snag over reciprocal privileges for their respective national airlines. Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority has refused landing rights at Ben-Gurion Airport to a Bulgarian Balkanair flight, because the agency is dissatisfied with security arrangements at the airport in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital…. More ▸

  • Bulgaria May Soon Restore Ties with Israel, Says Wjc Official

    Bulgaria will soon re-establish full diplomatic relations with Israel, according to Elan Steinberg, executive director of the World Jewish Congress. Steinberg said Bulgarian Foreign Ministry officials confirmed the information to WJC officials in Brussels on Friday. Arrangements are being made for Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Arens to come to Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, for the… More ▸

  • Wjc Leaders Pay Visit to Bulgaria, a Country with ‘no Anti-semitism’

    What may become the first perpetually airborne Torah is now set to circumnavigate the globe on the private jet of Edgar Bronfman. Bronfman, who is president of the World Jewish Congress, received the 100-year-old Torah scroll as a gift of the Jewish community of Bulgaria, which he visited last week. Bronfman will have an ark… More ▸

  • Israelis Visiting Bulgaria; Airline Service Planned

    Prominent Israelis will be visiting Bulgaria in the next few weeks, and preliminary discussions are under way aimed at establishing commercial airline service between Israel and Bulgaria, it was reported here Tuesday. Bulgaria broke diplomatic relations with Israel after the 1967 Six-Day War, as did all Soviet bloc nations except Romania. But lately a thaw… More ▸

  • Bulgaria May Be Next Soviet Bloc Nation to Form Ties with Israel

    The agreement signed by Israel and Hungary in Bern, Switzerland, Monday to establish interest sections in their respective countries follows a pattern established by Poland earlier this year which may extend to other Communist bloc states that severed diplomatic ties with Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War, according to observers here. Some are suggesting that… More ▸

  • Shulamit Shamir is Pleased with Her Visit to Bulgaria

    Shulamit Shamir, wife of the Foreign Minister and Likud leader, returned from a visit to her native Bulgaria this week full of praise for her Jewish community hosts and government officials involved in her visit. She told reporters she had spent her last evening at dinner in the home of the Bulgarian Foreign Minister, sitting… More ▸

  • Bulgarian-born Sephardic Jew Wins 1981 Nobel Prize for Literature

    Elias Canetti a Bulgarian-born Sephardic Jew, has been awarded the 1981 Nobel Prize for Literature, it was announced in Stockholm today. The 76-year-old author who has lived at various times in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France before settling in England in 1939 has produced seven books, only one a novel. But despite the sparsity of… More ▸

  • Situation of Jews in Bulgaria

    The 5,000 member Jewish community in Bulgaria remnants of a community once numbering hundred of thousands experiences some “private and personal” anti-Semitism but nothing on the official level, Prof. Israel Salvator, 72-year-old chairman of the community, told Israelis of Bulgarian origin. Salvator met with many former Bulgarian Jews in Jaffa, where thousands have taken up… More ▸