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burning man

  • Afterburn

    It’s been nearly two weeks now since I left the playa. The blog posts are up, the story is written, the video has gone live, and I’m about to embark on my next mission on Monday, to Mexico City. But I wanted to share a few parting reflections on the weirdness that is Burning Man,… More ▸

  • Video of the Burn

    Took a little longer than I had hoped, but after clearing the censors here, my video has gone live. I can reasonably attest that this is about the most explicit video of Burning Man that you will ever see from JTA. And given that, here’s the requisite disclaimer: Adult Content. Viewer Discretion Advised. Later this… More ▸

  • The world’s largest havdala candle

    Saturday night is the culmination of Burning Man, the moment that gives the event its name, when they actually burn the Man. It’s the only time virtually all the 40,000-plus residents of Black Rock City are in the same place and focused on the same thing. The man in question is an enormous wooden, um,… More ▸

  • Burning Shabbat

    The high point of activities for the week at Sukkat Shalom was easily the Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat service. With all of the debauchery on offer on the playa, it was refreshing to have a holy experience, even if the largely traditional service did have a distinct Burning Man quality to it: bare breasted women… More ▸

  • Jewish mothers and burning men

    We had our first day out on the playa, the dry lakebed that is the site of Burning Man. I realize I haven’t fully explained exactly what Burning Man is, which may be because I’ve largely felt inadequate to the task. Painting a picture in words of this otherwordly place seems daunting mostly because metaphors… More ▸