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  • Chad Received $1m Loan from Israel

    Israel gave the Chad government a $1 million loan to try to keep that country from breaking diplomatic relations with Israel, the newspaper Maariv reported today. According to the paper’s Paris correspondent who quoted West German sources, the loan was arranged through the Handelsbankun of West Germany and was disguised as a German bank loan…. More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines Chad’s Break with Israel: Causes and Possible Effects

    Chad broke its diplomatic ties with Israel last week after a decade of cordiality and cooperation. The move came seven months after President Idi Amin of Uganda cut his country’s diplomatic relations with Israel and drove out the hundreds of Israeli experts, advisors and building contractors working in Uganda. Thus the question inevitably in many… More ▸

  • Chad’s Diplomatic Break with Israel Not Seen As a ‘domino’ Process

    Israeli officials stressed today that the severance of diplomatic relations by the Republic of Chad need not lead to a “domino” process in which Israel’s relations with other African states will crumble. The officials noted that African states were inundating Israel with requests for aid. They also stressed that Israel’s ties with the African states… More ▸

  • Chad Severs Diplomatic Relations with Israel; No Immediate Explanation Given

    Israel expressed regrets and surprise today over the announcement by the African Republic of Chad that it was severing diplomatic relations with Israel. While the break was anticipated–Foreign Minister Abba Eban briefed the Cabinet on its possibility Sunday–a Foreign Ministry spokesman said today that there was nothing In the relations between the two countries that… More ▸

  • Ben-gurion Observes 73rd Birthday in Sde Boker; Receives Chad Premier

    David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s Prime Minister and leader of the Mapai Party, took a day off today from the cares of government and the heat of a national election campaign to observe his 73rd birthday in the village of Sde Boker, in the Negev, the southern desert. His contemplation of the area of Israel which is… More ▸