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  • Black Leader Called ‘naive’ for Accepting Soviet Line on Jews

    Dr, Thomas , W. Matthews, leader of a black self-help group who is currently touring the Soviet Union, was described by Jewish spokesmen here today as “naive” and “unfamiliar with the facts of Jewish life” in Russia. Richard Maass, chairman of the American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry offered that explanation of Dr. Matthews’ remark… More ▸

  • American Rabbi Accuses Israeli Leaders of Indifference to Plight of Poor

    An American rabbi has accused “Israeli leaders, rabbis and intellectuals” of “indifference” to the plight of 20 percent of the families in Israel who live below the poverty level, most of them of Oriental origin. Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg of Temple Emanuel in Englewood, N.J., a member of the Jewish Agency Executive, made the accusation in… More ▸

  • Captain of Israel-bound Tanker Gives Eyewitness Account of Attack

    The Greek Captain of the Liberian tanker Coral Sea provided an eyewitness account last night of the bazooka attack on his vessel last Friday as it was passing through the Straits Bab el-Mandab at the southern end of the Red Sea bound for Eilat with a cargo of oil. Captain Markos Muskoss, 40, said he… More ▸

  • Brooklyn College Administration Seeking Ways to Reduce Jewish-black Tensions

    Dr. John W. Kneller, president of Brooklyn College, assured leaders of the American Jewish Congress this week that he would not hesitate to use an injunction against any militant group on the campus that engaged in violence. The American Jewish Congress group met with Dr. Kneller to express concern over the recent open conflict at… More ▸

  • Racist Group Charges Jews with Ritual Murder of Two Akron Girls

    The National Socialist White Peoples’ Party has charged Jews with “ritual murder” in the recent deaths of two little girls in Akron, Ohio, Bernice Green reported in the latest issue of the Cleveland Jewish News. The charge, which Robert Silverman, chairman of the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Community Federation, termed the “most vicious… More ▸

  • Catholic Calls on Christian Leaders to Uproot Anti-semitic Attitudes

    A leading Roman Catholic writer and editor said today “The battle against Christian anti-Semitism, conscious and unconscious, is not yet won” and called upon Christian leaders to take action to uproot the anti-Semitic attitudes that still pervade the world. Mrs. Clair Huchet Bishop of France, spoke at a symposium of 60 Christian and Jewish theologians… More ▸

  • Israeli Black Panthers Turn Meeting into Shambles; Battle Police; Charge Brutality

    Israel’s home grown Black Panthers battled police outside of Jerusalem district police headquarters today after they earlier disrupted an annual folkloric gathering of immigrants from North Africa. Police wielded truncheons as the self-styled Panthers tried to storm the headquarters building. A claim by one Panther, that mounted police had indiscriminately trampled them was refuted by… More ▸

  • 100,000 Signatures for Soviet Jewry Sent to Communist Party Congress

    A hundred thousand signatures for Soviet Jewry have been gathered on petitions by the Center for Russian Jewry and dispatched to delegates to the 24th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party in Moscow. The Center was aided in its effort by its youth wing, the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry; the American Jewish Congress, the… More ▸

  • Labor Official Says There is Executive Suite Discrimination Against Jews

    A Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor said here that discrimination against hiring Jews to fill top corporate executive positions persists although “the exclusions come in many cases as a great shock to the corporations themselves.” The situation was discussed at length by John L. Wilkes who oversees contract compliance in the Department of Labor. Wilkes… More ▸

  • Interfaith Delegation Marches to Soviet Embassy; Official, Three Clerics Confer

    An interfaith delegation composed of II Protestant ministers, eight Catholic priests and eight rabbis marched to the Soviet Embassy today to protest the treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union. The march was keyed to the opening in Moscow today of the 24th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party. Ambassador Anatoly F. Dobrynin was in… More ▸