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  • Philip Roth goes back to school

    The first wave of reviews of Philip Roth’s newest novel, “Indignation,” are out this week. The book – which tells the story of the son of a New Jersey kosher butcher who flees to a Midwestern college to escape his neurotic father – clearly covers some well-worn Rothian territory. But the reviews are largely deferential,… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print

    Several Jewish-related items appeared over the weekend in The New York Times: Former workers at Agriprocessors, the nation’s largest kosher meat plant, detailed alleged abuses at the Postville, Iowa plant. Sunday saw competing rallies between activists protesting working conditions at the plant and activists opposed to illegal immigration. Gaza is getting its first museum of… More ▸

  • Borat in Israel?

    Sascha Baron Cohen narrates “the running of the Jews” in Borat. The serious-minded former director of Tel Aviv University’s Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Yossi Alpher, who also is co-editor of, a Palestinian-Israeli Web site, writes about a close encounter of the Bruno kind in his latest column in the Forward. More ▸

  • Can Hebrew School Be Cool?

    The Boston Globe reports on one local synagogue’s controversial plan to revitalize its Hebrew school: Temple Emanuel’s reinvention begins this fall, when sixth- and seventh-graders will be transplanted to Prozdor, a well-regarded supplementary school for teens at Hebrew College in Newton. “The idea is to take some of the pixie dust from the new Prozdor… More ▸

  • Jewish art on the coasts

    June will be exciting for Jewish arts on both coasts. San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum opens June 8th. JTA’s Sue Fishkoff has already written about its unique mission, and here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle about architect Daniel Liebeskind’s visit and thoughts on his latest architectural masterpiece. Meanwhile, in New York City,… More ▸

  • Jews and Power

    The Jewish culture folks over at Nextbook are putting on the latest installment of their Festivals of Ideas series Sunday in New York. Among the literati lined up to talk about Jews and Power: Cynthia Ozick, Shalom Auslander, Ruth Wisse, and Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg. Nowhere on the Web page, however, is it noted the irony… More ▸

  • Hollywood, Heeb-style

    Some highlights from Heeb’s Hollywood issue: Award-winning comedian Kristen Schaal wishes she were Jewish. Child actor-turned-Hollywood lawyer Jeff B. Cohen, known for his turn as Chunk in The Goonies, offers legal advice. Up close and personal with Jason Segel, the writer and star of the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Whatever happened to all of those… More ▸

  • Getting fired over treif chicken

    Remember all the hoopla about two Orthodox Jews being on the Apprentice a few years back? Well, recently, BBC reports, one team lost a competition in the British version of the show because it failed in its quest to buy a kosher chicken: As insults were traded among contestants on the losing team in this… More ▸

  • Does The Fly do Passover?

    An interview in The Independent with actor Jeff Goldblum takes a Jewish turn: I nudge him on to the firmer ground of Adam Resurrected. “It was intense,” he says of his role as Adam Stein, a Jewish former circus performer forced by a concentration-camp guard to pretend to be a German shepherd dog. “Paul [Schrader,… More ▸

  • ‘High School Musical’ coming to Israel

    With shows like “In Treatment,” Israel is finally starting to carry its weight in the U.S.-Israel pop culture relationship. And how do we return the favor? Check out this piece of news from the Forward… A consortium of Tel Aviv-based producers, talent agents and TV distribution specialists recently announced auditions for the first-ever Hebrew version… More ▸