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  • No clear-cut favorite for Dem VP among Jewish activists

    As Barack Obama gets ready to roll out his running mate, Jewish political insiders and activists say they would welcome any of the three most talked about possibilities. Some say Sen. Joseph Biden’s (D-Del.) extensive experience on foreign policy issues makes him a big favorite among pro-Israel activists, but others prefer Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.)… More ▸

  • Dan Shapiro joins Obama full-time

    Dan Shapiro, who’s been advising Barack Obama on Middle East issues for most of the campaign, is now officially joining the campaign. The former Clinton administration National Security Council official will serve as senior policy adviser and Jewish outreach coordinator, according to a press release from the Obama campaign. Here’s the whole release: Obama Campaign… More ▸

  • What did they call him?

    Is the Associated Press unconsciously channeling the feelings of many Democrats about Joe Lieberman? Check out the typo in the 10th paragraph of this AP story on vice presidential speculation, which includes an extra letter when describing the 2000 Democratic VP pick. More ▸

  • Republicans will have a rabbinical invocation, too

    The Democrats won’t be the only party convention with a rabbi giving a benediction. According to the Deep South Jewish Voice, Rabbi Ira Flax, a retired military chaplain now living in Birmingham, has been asked to give the invocation during the Wednesday session of the Republican National Convention–traditionally the day the vice presidential nominee gives… More ▸

  • Saperstein to open Obama’s big night

    Democrats have announced that Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, will deliver the invocation the night Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for president. The party has also announced its first “Faith Caucus” with a number of religion-related discussions throughout their week in Denver, and rabbis including Northern Virginians… More ▸

  • White supremacists can’t decide who they hate more

    With his opponent being the first non-white major party presidential nominee, you might think John McCain would be the overwhelming favorite of white supremcists. You’d be wrong. According to the Anti-Defamation League, McCain is seen as a “pawn of the Jews” and portrayed as a “traitor” to his race for his more liberal policy on… More ▸

  • Mucho pro-Israel money for McCain (but not an official endorsement)

    John McCain raised more than $1.5 million at a New Jersey fundraiser Tuesday night, and upwards of a third of it came via donations through the pro-Israel political action committee NORPAC– with even more coming through other NORPAC-affiliated donors. But the president of the group said that the fundraiser was not an official endorsement of… More ▸

  • A “Frozen Chosen” congressman in Alaska?

    News on some congressional races to watch over the next few months: Could we have a Jewish member of Congress from Alaska? Two weeks before the primary, it’s certainly not out of the question. A poll shows state represenative Ethan Berkowitz is looking pretty good in the race to be the Democratic nominee, and in… More ▸

  • Another Jewish VP possibility?

    How about Carl Levin for Barack Obama’s VP? Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic makes a pretty good case–national security experience, attractive to Jewish voters–but doubts it will happen because we haven’t yet heard the Michigan senator’s name floated. Meanwhile, over on the GOP side, Joe Lieberman’s name is once more being bandied about as… More ▸