White supremacists can’t decide who they hate more


With his opponent being the first non-white major party presidential nominee, you might think John McCain would be the overwhelming favorite of white supremcists. You’d be wrong.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, McCain is seen as a “pawn of the Jews” and portrayed as a “traitor” to his race for his more liberal policy on immigration on the Web forums of extremist groups. One posting calls the Arizon senator “McZionist” and charge that he will deploy the U.S. military on Israel’s behalf, according to the ADL.

The ADL even found a cartoon on one of those sites depicting Obama and McCain wearing yarmulkes and kissing the rear end of a stereotypical-looking Jew, entitled “The US Presidential Race” and the Star of David replacing the stars in the American flag in the background.

Of course, the ADL notes that there’s plenty of hate for Obama in those chat rooms as well. Ironically, as we noted earlier, some white supremacists are saying that an Obama presidency would be a boost to their cause.

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