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  • Inside an innovative Jerusalem work space

    While the 1,000 or so participants at the G.A. spent the day at site visits that showcased the projects here in Israel funded by the federation system, JTA Director of Digital Media (DDM) Dan Sieradski and the Fundermentalist used the day for video production and writing — and we also had a lengthy interview at… More ▸

  • Wasabi with your gefilte fish?

    A few final tidbits on the G.A. (unless I think of some more)… * All those people busting on Sarah Chasin need to get off of their high horse. Several G.A. attendees told me they found her honesty refreshing. * Suddenly I don’t feel so bad for not knowing the names of all of the… More ▸

  • Are the young too selfish?

    The UJC made something of a daring move Monday morning, opening up its only plenary of the day to seven young Jewish innovators and activists – leaders that stray from the typical mold of the federation “leader,” who is much older and much wealthier than those on display this morning. They included a young up… More ▸

  • Enabling the Next Big Jewish Idea

    Here’s the full-text (ie., unedited version) of my speech delivered today at the GA plenary on "The Next Generation." It’s also up on where there’ll hopefully be some interesting discussion happening… Video from my speech is online here. Every so often, a conversation will arise in Jewish professional circles around "the next big Jewish… More ▸

  • LGBT outreach at the G.A.

    Don’t worry, I found dinner last night. Then I swung by the “LGBT Welcoming Communities Reception.” About 50 people showed up for an open bar and some kosher desserts (pies, cookies, etc.). I’m told that this is the first such event at a G.A. [CORRECTION: OK, OK, not the first time.] My first thought was:… More ▸

  • A bonanza of plastic whatnot

    Half of the fun of the GA is all of the free, made-in-China trinketry that Jewish organizations hope will help sell their causes. I haven’t even hit the convention area where scores of Jewish organizations are giving away free plastic wares as they peddle themselves to potential donors. But I’m already loaded down. For me… More ▸