Wasabi with your gefilte fish?


A few final tidbits on the G.A. (unless I think of some more)…

* All those people busting on Sarah Chasin need to get off of their high horse. Several G.A. attendees told me they found her honesty refreshing.

* Suddenly I don’t feel so bad for not knowing the names of all of the country singers that we saw down in Tennessee (Jimmy Dickens – a country singin’ dirty-joke-tellin’ version of Henny Youngman – Hal Ketchum, The Grascals, T Graham Brown, Mandy Barnett, Jason D Williams?????). The guest MC at the G.A.’s night out to the Grand Ole Opry – Andy Groveman, the former chairman of the Memphis federation – made reference to hip hop artist Caine West (I think he met Kanye).

* As I milled around the airport waiting to go home, a man comes up and asks what I thought of the food at the G.A. Turns out it was the mashgiach, Dovid Lapin, from Baltimore. I asked him if he knew about the “Wasabi” at the Sushi bar during the big Monday night bash (it was actually Jewish-style horseradish dyed green with food coloring). He says: “Not only do I know about it – it was my idea!” Lapin, a former caterer, came up with the plan after the caterers told him at the last minute that they didn’t have any Wasabi.

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