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George W. Bush

  • RJC: Dems who like McCain

    Sit down and clear your head before reading… Last week the Republican Jewish Coalition published an ad making an issue of Pat Buchanan’s saying “I think Barack is right, we ought to talk to the Iranians” and “he’s right to say the Palestinian people have got a terrible deal over there and their suffering ought… More ▸

  • Koch: Obama is my guy — Palin is scary

    Back in June, as the New York Observer reported, Ed Koch was holding out on whether to endorse Barack Obama. Well, now the former Big Apple mayor – a Democrat who has endorsed Republicans, including President Bush in 2004 – is on board (see full endorsement below). What changed? Apparently, according to Politico, Koch is… More ▸

  • Rosen to the defense of Biden

    Jack Rosen, the former president of the American Jewish Congress, and maybe the only person in the country to have backed Bill Clinton, then George W. Bush and now Barack Obama, sent along the following e-mail in defense of Joe Biden: The smear campaign against Joe Biden on the internet, spread by viral emails, attributes… More ▸

  • Nu, clear?

    Someone misunderestimated Sarah Palin. The John McCain campaign sent out the Alaska governor’s prepared remarks just as she began delivering her speech accepting the vice presidential nomination at the Republican Party convention in St. Paul. I thought the idea was to keep us on tenterhooks, to stop leaks but … it appears that the campaign… More ▸

  • Joe noodges, Bush winks, Sarah smiles

    Joe Lieberman wentandunnit and urged his erstwhile party-mates to vote Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) president. The Connecticut senator, addressing the Republican convention in St. Paul on Tuesday, also brought about the first Clinton applause line at a Republican convention, albeit at the expense of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), the Democratic nominee: “Let me contrast Barack… More ▸