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  • London Underwriters, Government of Ghana, File Heavy Claims for Plane Damages

    Heavy claims for damages caused by Israel’s Dec. 28 commando raid on Beirut International Airport have been lodged by London underwriters and by the Government of Ghana, one of whose planes was destroyed in the attack. The Ghanaian plane, a Viscount-10 jet, was leased to the Middle East Airlines, a largely Arab-owned company, and carried… More ▸

  • Israel Offers Ghana Training Facilities in All Branches of Medicine

    Israel offered today to provide Ghana with training facilities in all branches of medicine. The offer was made here by Dr. Elizabeth Podkaminer, medical advisor to the Israel Foreign Ministry. Dr. Podkaminer, who has been visiting Ghanaian hospitals and clinics, said that Histadrut, Israel’s labor federation, was ready to help the Ghanaian Trade Union Congress… More ▸

  • New Trade Agreement Between Israel and Ghana is Signed in African Capital

    A new trade agreement signed between Israel and Ghana here today calls for the widest possible exchange of goods between the two countries. The new agreement replaces one signed in 1958. It was drafted by Ghanaian authorities and a five-man Israeli trade mission, headed by Joseph Katz, controller of foreign exchange of the Israeli Finance… More ▸

  • Ghana Court Decides to Extradite Auschwitz Nazi Physician

    Three judges of Ghana’s highest appeals court decided unanimously this weekend that Horst Schumann, the 60-year-old former Nazi physician, should be extradited to West Germany to face war crimes charges. Schumann fled to Ghana after the collapse of Nazi Germany. He appealed a lower court order for his extradition on grounds he was charged with… More ▸

  • Nazi Doctor in Ghana Admits Sterilizing 30,000 Jews; Killed 80,000

    Dr. Horst Schumann, a former Nazi physician charged with killing 30,000 Jews and 100,000 inmates of mental hospitals, admitted here today that he supervised the killing by gas of “maybe 80,000 persons — I have no figures.” Testifying in Ghana’s Court of Appeals in his appeal against an extradition request by the West German Government,… More ▸

  • Ghana High Court Backs Extradition of Nazi Who Killed Jews

    Dr. Horst Schumann, 60, a former Nazi death camp physician fighting extradition to West Germany to face a war crimes trial, lost a petition yesterday for release from prison. The Ghana high court rejected the Nazi doctor’s bid for a writ of habeas corpus to be released from the jail where he has been kept… More ▸

  • Demented Man Attempts to Set Fire to Israeli Embassy in Ghana

    A man believed by police to be mentally deranged tried to set fire to Israel’s Embassy to Ghana here today and threatened some of the Embassy officials with a dagger. The man ran into the Embassy’s outer corridor, sprayed the walls with an inflammable liquid, and lighted a match. As members of the Israeli mission’s… More ▸