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  • Around the Jewish World Watchword is Security for Guatemala’s Jews

    Outside the high wall that surrounds Sharai Benjamin Synagogue, guards are checking visitors’ identification. A sign above the metal detector warns, “Firearms prohibited.” In the sanctuary, all eyes are on the b’nai mitzvah twins, but memories drift to the terrifying abduction of their grandfather. Though it happened years ago, friends and family vividly remember the… More ▸

  • For Israelis Traveling in Guatemala, Home is Just a Computer Click Away

    It’s late afternoon, and a group of young Israelis are doing what everybody else does in this Central American tourist town — shopping for bargains. But as they browse through the brightly colored tapestries, shoulder bags and scarves in the marketplace, or just walk the town’s cobblestone streets, they admit their minds sometimes wander to… More ▸

  • Guatemala Returns to Jerusalem

    Guatemala is relocating its embassy to Jerusalem, Guatemalan President Ramiro de Leon Carpio has announced. Until 1980, the Guatemalan Embassy — along with 13 other embassies — was located in Jerusalem. But after the Knesset passed the Jerusalem Law, declaring Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital, Arab pressure led the embassies to relocate to the Tel… More ▸

  • Guatemala’s Defense Minister Says His Country Has ‘broad Military Relations’ with Private Israeli Bu

    Israel is supplying weapons and military aircraft to Guatemala on a business basis without the Israel government’s involvement, Haaretz reported Thursday. The newspaper quoted Guatemala’s Defense Minister, Gen. Hector Alejandro Gramajo Morales, as telling its correspondent at an interview in Guatemala City that his country has “broad military relations” with Israel conducted by private Israeli… More ▸

  • Guatemala Jewish Leader Says Soviet Intervention in Central America Threatens Future of Jews in the

    A prominent Jewish leader from Guatemala City said here today that turmoil in Central America caused by Soviet intervention was threatening the future of Jewish communities in the region. Speaking at a news conference at the American Jewish Committee’s 78th annual meeting, continuing through Sunday at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Moises Sabbaj, the vice-president of FEDECO,… More ▸

  • Anti-semitism in Guatemala

    The appearance of two anti-Semitic articles in the Guatemalan press in the wake of the military coup led by Gen. Ephrain Rios Monti last March 23 has deeply disturbed Guatemala’s small Jewish community, according to reports by the American Jewish Committee’s office here for Mexico and Central America. One article, titled “The Greatest Coalition in… More ▸

  • Report Bombs Set off at Israel, Other Embassies in Guatemala

    There was no immediate confirmation here today of reports that unidentified attackers set off bombs at the Israeli, Argentine and Haitian embassies in Guatemala City last night. The State Department and the Israel Embassy told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that they had no information on the attacks. According to the reports from Guatemala City, guards… More ▸

  • Last Two Embassies, Guatemala and Dominican Republic, Leave Jerusalem

    Jerusalem is now entirely without foreign embassies following the announcement over the weekend that the last two remaining embassies in the city, those of Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, are to move to the Tel Aviv area. In all, following the Jerusalem law, 13 embassies have moved from the capital: 11 Latin Americans, Holland and… More ▸

  • B’nai B’rith ‘adopts’ Small Rural Town in Earthquake-struck Guatemala

    B’nai B’rith has “adopted” a small rural town in central Guatemala as a relief project for that earthquake-devastated country. Chinaluta, about 10miles from this capital city, was selected by Ricardo Holzer of Panama, chairman of the B’nai B’rith International Council, who presented a check for $1000 to relief officials last Thursday, initiating the B’nai B’rith… More ▸