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  • For Israelis, Singapore is Gateway to ‘dream’ Markets, Like Indonesia

    A talking children’s book, a box that send an alert to parents if their teenage child starts driving recklessly, a passport photo that conceals important data — these are a few of the inventions Israeli entrepreneurs showed recently at an international exhibition in Singapore. But the attraction of Global Entrepolis isn’t just that it allows… More ▸

  • Israel Bows out of Event After Indonesia Sets Conditions

    Israel has withdrawn from an international archery competition in Indonesia because of blatantly discriminatory conditions. The Indonesian government had presented Israel with a list of conditions – – such as not flying the Israeli flag — at the athletic meet to take place in Jakarta in August. “This is an instance of blatant racism and… More ▸

  • Israel Carrying on Quiet Talks with Moslem State of Indonesia

    Israeli officials have confirmed privately that Jerusalem has been holding discreet talks with Indonesian officials about relations between the two countries, despite an official denial from the predominantly Moslem nation. The denial from Jakarta that future diplomatic relations between the two countries are under consideration, followed a front-page report in the July 22 edition of… More ▸

  • Tiny Jewish Community in Indonesia Reported Facing Uncertain Future

    An uncertain future in a Moslem country growing steadily hostile to the West is causing concern among the handful of Jews left in the Indonesian city of Surabaya where, before the Second World War, a Jewish community numbering about 1,000 once flourished, it was reported today in the New York Times. Comprising only 13 families… More ▸

  • Indonesia Suspended by International Olympics for Boycotting Israel

    Indonesia was today suspended from membership in the International Olympics Committee for refusing, last year, to permit the participation of Israel and Ceylon in the Asia Olympics games. The motion for suspension of Indonesia was made by the Indian delegation. The suspension, ordered by a subcommittee of the international organization meeting here, is, however, subject… More ▸

  • Indonesia Balks on Visas to Israeli Sports Team; Deadline Today

    Chances now seem very remote that an Israeli team of sportsmen will participate in the Asian Games which open in Djakarta, Indonesia, on Friday. Although Israel was officially invited, no participants’ cards have yet been sent to the 37 Israeli contestants to serve them in lieu of visas, nor have any replies been received by… More ▸

  • Iraq Asks Indonesia Not to Admit Israel to Asian Olympic Games

    The Embassy of Iraq at Djakarta, Indonesia, has asked the Indonesian Government to prevent Israel from participating in the Asian Olympic Games to be held in Djakarta in 1962, it was learned here today. The Iraqis said Israeli participation would be “an offense to followers of Islam.” More ▸

  • Number of Jews in Indonesia Dwindled from 1,000 to 100; Enjoy Freedom

    The number of Jews in Indonesia which before the Second World War was about 1,000, has dwindled to about 100, The New York Times reported in a dispatch from the Surabaya. Most of the Jewish residents who had come to Indonesia from Iraq and Europe since the turn of the century, emigrated to Israel, the… More ▸