• Let Leo and Bar decide alone

    To the Editor: I think people should allow anyone to marry; it is no one’s business. So many in Hollywood have done it — some work, some don’t — but it is their decision. More important news on Iran; let’s worry about that. Pierre Ber Toronto, Canada More ▸

  • Naive on intermarriage

    To the Editor: I don’t know what I find more naive about this story, the denial that intermarriage between Jews and gentiles is taking place or the notion that a letter from strangers might actually inspire someone to fall out of love and change their life plans. Mitchell Gilbert Columbus, Ohio More ▸

  • Two Jewish mothers!?!

    Jon Stewart worries that gay marriage in California will lead to children being raised with two Jewish mothers: Someone please let the Daily Show know that there is no need to worry (at least for now)… as noted earlier this week … the ceremony in question was an intermarriage. More ▸

  • Send in your videos (but only if you married out) is holding its first-ever video contest… We are looking for all types of videos, including but not limited to: wedding videos demonstrating interesting, engaging, interfaith wedding ceremonies; humorous videos dealing with interfaith issues regarding life-cycle events, holidays, and everyday life; interviews with people involved in interfaith relationships and how they are dealing with the… More ▸

  • Aguilera adds unusual touch to circumcision ritual

    Sarah Gerke/Creative Commons As Ami mentioned a couple of weeks back, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman recently celebrated the brit milah of their son Max Liron. Now the SF Gate brings us the juicier and more hilarious details of the event: Christina Aguilera insisted on turning her baby son’s bris into a big celebration and… More ▸